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The current version 2.21(08.06.2015)

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The program is intended to create and change (or) links to various resources. It contains embedded database servers and users. The program I wrote for myself, but suggestions are welcome. All data, including passwords, the program in its own folder in the open plain text without encryption.

Renamer main

Do convert Russian characters in the code (eg 'a' in '%E0'), and replaces spaces.
Useful for web developers and system administrators.
To select the English language must copy “renamer.lng” from “Translate/English/” folder in a folder on the server program (note that the Russian language would be returned to rename or delete the file).

Renamer settings

All suggestions express mail
They will certainly be taken into account in the shortest time

It guaranteed to work on all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 and above, including Windows 10, as well as under Wine in Linux.
Sources can be found here
For anonymous access, enter 'demo' and 'demo' in the field for a username and password

Current version  [934K]: скачать  

English translation for the program  [1.3K]: скачать  

English readme  [ 49K]: скачать  

Russian readme  [ 40K]: скачать  


2.21 (8 June 2015):
! Fixed multiple errors arising out of incorrect operation TMS (2.20);
! Fixed a bug in the limited value in edit (2.20);
= TMS rolled back to version;
- Together with TMS removed and new themes from 2.20;

2.20 (May 18, 2015):
= TMS has been updated to version;
+ Added new themes;

2.19 (September 1, 2012):
= TMS updated to version;

2.18 (March 29, 2011):
= TMS updated to version;
! All components recompiled with full optimization;

2.17 (September 14, 2010):
= New site adrees

2.16 (June 15, 2010):
+ Added auto update program;

2.15 (May 16, 2010):
+ Added auto tuning selection;
= Small cosmetics tab settings;

2.14 (April 17, 2010):
= TMS updated to version;
! Fixed errors in TMS components;

2.13 (March 25, 2010):
! Fixed bug with not saved the latest server and the user;
! Fixed bug with auto focus to the ComboBox’s;
+ Added auto-focus for the other elements;
= Removed compressed executable packer. Grew up size, but is much reduced memory consumption during the work;

2.12 (28 October 2009):
= TMS updated to;
= Replaced AdvComboBox on AdvOfficeComboBox, now all the application has one style;
= Small cosmetics graphics;

2.11 (15 Dec., 2008):
+ Now the memory of the window

2.10 (14 Nov, 2008):
+ Altered checks updates: added mirrors on HTTP;
= Minor fixes;

2.8 (30 September, 2008):
= Fixed error в преобразователе символов;
= Optimized code database;

2.7 (August 22, 2008):
+Added conversion characters '[' and ']';

2.6 (July 9 2008):
= The bug at the closing of the program (if there is a list of users or servers was empty);
= With an empty list of users and installed a tick "Use the login and password" program is not appends unnecessary characters ": @" in the output line;
= Status check "Use the login and password" previously maintained only on the button 'Save' for the server, and now still in its on \ off (this is generally done in 2.4 or 2.3, simply forgot to write);
= Transparency is now varies only in the range of 100 to 255 (previously from 0);
= Returned tick "Use smart method of analysis input line", please CHECK whether it is in the right position!;

2.5 (July 4 2008):
+ Added conversion character '\' in '/';
= Fixed working for WindowsBlinds and work with it such program’s (the status bar merge down or up at the opening of lists and change order);

2.4 (June 18 2008):
+ Ability to change skin of program;

2.3 (April 22 2008):
+ Added translation errors loading configuration, and translation of the primary messages on the status bar;
+ Now is the language file name "renamer.lng";
+ Revamped converter module, it becomes more smarter now than the indentations can be part of the link with the address of the starting line and replace them;
+ Now it's possible to simply convert the string in the code (without replacement of the server name, and others);
= Fixed withdrawal of the state for "anonymous", now in the status line, it appears that way, rather than as a "default user", and also relates to the server's default;
= Removed language in the display window (if no longer needed);

2.2 (April 11 2008 to coincide with Cosmonautics Day):
- WARNING! Slightly modified the configuration file storage format (relates to the transfer). For the first start the program will give reading configuration errors, errors should be ignored and always click "OK". If you rerun this is not required;
+ Fixed error while reading the configuration, now when you click "CANCEL" program completes its work;
+ Now fully supports UNICOD (corrected the problem with the work of the English versions of Windows and Linux [font Tahoma.ttf]);
+ Added support the English language for interface;
+ Optimized reading of the configuration and source code interface, the program now consumes less memory during operation;
= Redesigned interface with switched off transparency (now the window is always forming in the alpha layer);
= Changed display information on the status bar;
= Found from the translation errors fixed (new added ;) );

2.1 (March 31 2008):
+ Rewritten module replacement characters are now supported by all additional languages, and not just Russian, also increased his speed;
+ Now usernames, as well as prefixes and addresses of servers may contain uppercase characters, and links will be written in lowercase;
+ In settings added buttons to send mail and checking the new version;
- Settings removed from the unused item for "transparency for background window”;
= Outlining redesigned interface: control elements replaced by the voluminous style Microsoft Office 2007;
! Fixed replacement of the letters'Ё'and'ё'(they are not replaced in previous versions);
! Correction of errors in two functions to access the database, the program now does not extradite errors when pressing the buttons on the editing users if a list is empty servers;
! Fixed dialogues reaction to the incorrect configuration file (error resulted in a loss of data);
! Program splitted for modules, the program now consumes less memory...

2.0 (March 4 2008):
+ Database servers and users added;
- Changed the configuration file storage format;
= Completely redesigned interface;
= Added transparency;
! The bug with the prefix for the regime with a password;
! Fixed some minor mistakes, and optimized program.

1.6 (beginning March 2008):
+ A string prefix (previously was only ftp);
! Minor bug fixes.

1.5 (end of February 2008):
+ A possible replacement of Russian characters their codes